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We need to understand your business and your aims before we can suggest the correct programme of activity. Our DATA TOOLKIT includes…..

The first step is very often an obvious one. What do you already know from the data that spins off from your day-to-day business transactions? For example, will statistical modelling work on past sales history provide some basic insights into price elasticity before any consumer research is actually undertaken?

Qualitative or quantitative? Face-to-face interviews, self-completion questionnaires, phone interviews, internet response, hall tests or focus groups? What approach is best suited to your project?

Accompanied or observed? In person or on video? We need to look at how people really shop, not just how they say they shop.

At the end of the day, if you cannot measure it in sales terms, is it worth researching? Increasingly, we construct live sales tests to measure what happens when product variables are changed and then use research to ask why consumer behaviour has altered.

Much research money is wasted because it is spent in isolation. Any research spend must be part of an ongoing programme of learning in order to understand what makes consumers buy. As an example of this, our extensive work in the magazine business has resulted in an overall model of how magazine buying takes place… GO TO THE MAGAZINE PURCHASING MODEL.


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